Saturday, 1 July 2017

Gold Evil Queen Crown

I am so excited to share this tutorial! If you liked my previous Evil Queen crown tutorial, then I am certain that you will love this!

Inspired by the gold crown in The Huntsman: Winter's War, it is really simple to create.

Starting with 2 strips of shiny gold cardstock, 3cm wide, glue the ends together so that it is big enough to sit on the crown of your head.

Next, glue an extra piece of gold cardstock to the inside front (using the following template) to represent the familiar widow's peak.

Using the following template, cut 6 small 'spikes' out of gold cardstock and 1 slightly taller 'spike' for the front of the crown.

Then, using PVA glue, attach each 'spike' to the crown as shown, making sure they are all evenly spaced and secure.

If you wish, you can draw a pattern around the crown using something like 3D Clear Gloss Finish, making sure to seal all of the joins. This is what I did with my original black Evil Queen crown.

To give it an aged metal look, lightly apply Rub 'n Buff (Antique Gold, or similar) to each of the raw edges and quickly blend it in before it dries.

The finished crown. I hope you like it, and are inspired to create your own!

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Evil Queen Crown

If you enjoyed my DIY Evil Queen Crown post, then you may also like to the watch the video I made about it.  It contains simple, easy to follow instructions, describing how I created the crown.

I used core'dinations Colour Core Cardstock (Black Cat, 250gsm), using just one 12" x 12" sheet to create the whole crown.

I hope you enjoy watching it, and listening to the beautiful music (Pas de Deux by Bird Creek), and that you will be inspired to create your own Evil Queen Crown.