Saturday, 5 May 2018

Union Flag Boxes

To celebrate all things British, I have created a new range of boxes with a Union Flag design! My teapot box, teacup and saucer favours and cupcake boxes have all had a Royal makeover!

The typical red, white and blue colours are complemented by gold (coloured) edging around the base of the teapot lid, around the edge of the saucer and the top of the cupcake cases, giving the boxes more of a Royal feel. 

To make the teapot box and the teacup and saucer more realistic, I made them using glossy photo paper (200gsm), which works perfectly to give the impression of a china tea set!

The teapot differs slightly to my original design as, instead of a rose on the lid, I chose to use the paper heart design that I originally used on my cupcake boxes. I think it works, particularly to celebrate a Royal wedding!

The templates for all of these union flag boxes are now available from my Etsy shop as downloadable PDF files. 

Cupcake Favour Boxes

To complement my teapot box and teacup and saucer favours, I have been working on a new box in the shape of a cupcake!

There are already so many cupcake-style boxes out there, but I wanted one in the style of my teapot box; a hexagonal one that has an almost identical lid. So, this is where I began with the design.

I wanted the lid (the cake) to fit inside the base (the case), so I added angled tabs to the lid so that it fits in and stays in place.

Silmilar to my doughnut icing designs, I created two different cakes - a chocolate one with white icing and chocolate sprinkles, and a plain (golden yellow) cake with white icing and coloured sprinkles. I also designed two different colored bases so that the lids and bases can be mixed and matched.

The templates for these cupcake favour boxes are now available from my Etsy shop as two downloadable PDF files. They are super cute and easy to assemble and, once they are filled with delicious sweets and treats, they make the perfect addition to any party or celebration!

And make sure to watch my video tutorial showing how to the assemble the cupcake boxes. They really are incredibly easy to make!